Nails on film

Text: Reni Mobrandt och Alex Fox
Publicerad i Scratch magazine mars 2009

The first photographic nail competition held in Sweden proves a massive success. Alex Fox was on hand to judge.

After accepting an invitation to judge nail photographic work at ExCel in March 2008, Reni Mobrandt of Nail Systems of Sweden ab, decided to host a similar competition for techs in her region and the first Nordic Photo Cup was born. Reni explains, “I enjoyed being a part of the panel in London. Competitions are very developed in England and I wondered if this was something I could present to techs in Sweden?

“I sent out invitations through all the channels I could think of and kept my fingers crossed. It resulted in eight photo entries. For a first time, I thought this was amazing. And the quality really impressed me too. So much work had been put into these beautiful pictures and the fantastic nails.

“I would like to thank the five contestants for a fabulous effort. It was with pride that my team and I exhibited the pictures on our booth at Kista  trade show, so visitors could vote for the most beautiful picture. I was delighted to find 86 people at the event judged them.

“Later when we counted the results, both from the judges and the visitors, it was quite thrilling as it was a close call. There was just 27 points between 1st and 2nd place and a tiny seven points between 2nd and 3rd. It was also interesting to see that the visitors had voted almost in tune with the professional judges.”

The judges

Alex Fox - editor Scratch Magazine
Jacqui Jefford - industry author, nail designer, salon owner, global educator, session tech
Denise Wright - world champion, competition director, author, salon owner, global educator
Katarina Hultheimer - creator and editor of - the biggest nail website in Sweden
Margaretha Johansson - Designer for the Swedish magazine Naglar I Norden

The 5 contestants

Lina Bertilsson - educated at Nail and Beauty Company of Scandinavia. Now working in Helsingborg.
Yuta Danneholm - educated in Moscow. Now working in Malmö.
Iryna Giblett - educated in Russia and Ukraine. Now working in Stockholm.
Jevgenia Kesti - in Uleåborg (Finland).
Izabela Nylander - educated in Poland. Now working in Kalmar.